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Three Thousand Seizures

  • Collaborative Arts project 21 18 W 18th St New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

   Three Thousand Seizures tackles what it means to live with Epilepsy through the lenses of a modern-day advertising executive, Petra Milonakis, and the Byzantine emperor Michael IV. Each have been haunted throughout their lives by the play's chorus--the Seizures--who harry Michael to his grave and Petra to the operating room. How much of themselves will Petra and Michael lose to their affliction? Who will they be without it?

 Three Thousand Seizures has been developed with extensive research into the nature of Epilepsy, historical attitudes towards it, and most importantly first-hand accounts and feedback provided by the patients, caregivers, and medical practitioners of NYU's Langone Epilepsy Center and beyond. Our hope is to use this piece to remove stigmas and raise awareness about Epilepsy, while frankly representing the challenges and successes of living with the condition.